News Releases

September 5, 2017 – UAMS Center Helps Secure More than $100 Million in Research Funding

May 15, 2017 – UAMS Researcher’s Mobile Application Enhances Training for Emergency Dispatchers

September 21, 2016- CTN helps UAMS acquire Data Coordination and Operations Center (DCOC) for pediatric research on IDeA States Pediatric Clinical Trial Network (ISPCTN).

March 24, 2014. Showcase at UAMS highlights CTN research.

July 23, 2015. KATV interview with CTN Director E. Garcia-Rill, PhD.

September 1, 2011. Navigating the Neurosciences Maze. Story in the College of Medicine Magazine about the Neuroscience Magnet program.

August 24, 2011. Arkansas Times story about CTN research. UAMS researchers find a surprise in the brain.

June 20, 2010: Brain Mechanism Could Be Key to New Stimulants, Anesthetics

August 20, 2009: UAMS Receives $10 Million Grant to Continue Successful Center for Translational Neuroscience

May 14, 2008: CTN funded telemedicine program places UAMS neonatologists on call for regional hospitals (article no longer online)

December 19, 2007: CTN discovery featured in NCRR Newsletter – discovery of electrical coupling in the reticular activating system (article no longer online)

July 19, 2007: UAMS Researchers Identify Sleep-Wake Controls with Implications for Coma Patients and Those Under Anesthesia

June 16, 2006: UAMS Faculty Member Receives Award for Smell Research (article no longer online)

May 15, 2005: UAMS Enlists Arkansas Company to Build, Market New Bicycle Exercise Trainer for Spine Injury Patients