CTN funding for Phase III will be added in 2019.

Table 1. NIH, State, and Foundation grants received with the assistance of one or more CTN Core Facilities.

Principal Investigator(s) Department Agency Title Dates           Total award $.     All years
M. Aitken, M.D. Pediatrics CDC Strike out passenger injury 02/07-01/10      749,963
        “ DHHS Development and Evaluation of Targeted ATV Safety Educational Strategies for Rural Children 09/07-08/10      549,642
        “ ACH Pediatric Injury Prevention Center 07/07-06/10      741,000
        “ Allstate Building consensus for safer teen driving 08/07-07/08        49,997
        “ AR Dept Tran Mapping the way to success toolkit & guide 12/07-11/11      472,378
        “ NHTSA Improving Teen Driving through Parental Responsibility 09/09-08/11      600,000
        “ HSO Child Passenger Safety Education Project 10/10-09-11       190,000
        “ NIH-NICHD subcon Safety in Seconds 2.0                                         (A. Gielen PI) 04/12-03/17       286,290
        “ NIH-NICHD subcon Neurobehavioral Outcome of Head Injury in Children (H. Levin PI) 08/12-07/13         27,500
E. Al-Chaer, Ph.D. Pediatrics NIH-NIDDK R01 Mechanisms of chronic visceral hyperalgesia 09/04-03/06       335,362
        “ Allergan Treatment for irritable bowel syndrome 09/04-12/05       545,000
        “ GlaxoSmith K Irritable bowel syndrome treatment 09/04-09-07       360,000
        “ Allergan New agents for IBS 09/04-12/07    1,200,000
        “ NIH-NIDDK R01 Sex hormones and visceral hypersensitivity 04/08-03/13    1,800,000
        “ NIH-NIDDK  R21 Role of Microglia in Chronic Visceral Pain 06/09-05/11       310,000
        “ NIH-NIDDK subcon Spinal Microglial Mechanisms of Visceral Hypersensitivity  (C. Saab PI) 07/10-06/12         40,000
P. Beck, M.D./Ph.D.     IBS student NIH-NINDS F30 Role of leptin in arousal 07/09-06/13       150,000
A. Charlesworth, Ph.D. Neurobiol. (left UAMS) Amer Heart Role of Zar family proteins in M-phase control 07/07-06/11        400,000
       “ UAMS-MREF Genetic analysis of development 01/07-12/07         15,000
       “ UAMS-COM Regulation of M-phase by Zar family proteins 11/06-12/07         15,000
G. Childs, Ph.D.  Neurobiology NIH-NICHD R01 The significance of leptin signals to somatotropes and gonadotropes 07/09-06/14    1,754,460
       “ NIH-NICHD R03 Significance of Pituitary Leptin to Gonadotropes 04/09-03/12       145,000
C. Cole, R.N., Ph.D.

Nursing (ret.)

NIH-NINR R15 Feasibility Study: Attention Measured in Alzheimer’s & Mild Cognitive Impairment. 07/07-06/09       142,900
       “ NIH-NINR   K23 Sleep fragmentation and Attention in Alzheimer’s Disease 07/06-06/11       283,838
       “ NIH-NINR Tailored biobehavioral interventions in AD 07/08-06/09         15,000
       “ Beverly Healthcare Sleep research in AD 07/08-06/09         31,481
J. Dornhoffer, M.D.


Tinnitus Res Cons Using PET-CT to Target and Validate Low-Frequency TMS as a Treatment for Tinnitus 07/06-06/09      300,000
E. Garcia-Rill, Ph.D. Neurobiology NIH-NINDS   R01 Central modulation of rhythms 07/07-06/12   1,250,000
S. T. Griffin, Ph.D. Geriatrics NIH-NIA   P01 Early events in Alzheimer pathogenesis 04/09-03/14   6,066,664
R. W. Hall, M.D.  Pediatrics Medicaid Telemedicine outreach utilizing collaborative health care 05/08-04/13   1,458,826
        “ Mayday Fnd AR Neonate electrical stimulation study 11/08-10/10      399,929
A. Hayar, Ph.D.  Neurobiology NIH-NIDCD   R03 Synchronous bursting among juxtaglomerular neurons 05/04-04/07      150,000
        “ NIH-NIDCD   R01 External tufted cells coordinate olfactory bulb activity 07/05-06/10    1,000,000
        “ NIH-NINDS subcon Contribution of EPL interneurons to olfaction      (K. Hamilton, PI) 04/08-03/12       150,000
        “ ABI PSD95 scaffolding of vascular K+ channels in hypertension 01/09-10/10         38,500
T. Kaiser, M.D.  Pediatrics (left UAMS) NIH-NICHD   R01 Permissive hypercapnea and IVH 04/08-03/11    2,131,535
       “ NIH-NICHD  R01 subcon Gene targets for IVH

(L. Ment, PI)

08/07-07/12         55,515
C. J. Kane, Ph.D.  Neurobiology NIH-NIAAA R01 Microglia modulate ethanol impact on CNS development 09/09-08/14    1,250,000
M. Kiaei, Ph.D. Neurobiology NIH-NINDS R21 Nrf2/ARE Pathway as a Therapeutic Target for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 03/09-02/12       239,531
A, MacNicol, Ph.D.


NIH-NICHD  R01 Maternal gene regulation in early vertebrate development (Co-I) 07/07-06/12      956,250
        “ AR Breast Cancer Res Musashi2 expression as a novel breast cancer biomarker and therapeutic target (PI) 07/12-06/13        66,481
M. Mennemeier, Ph.D.


NIH-NINDS  R01 Neglect and Neural Mechanisms of Magnitude Estimation 04/05-03/10   1,784,732
        “ NIH-NICHD


Rehabilitating strength perception after stroke 12/07-11/09      100,000
        “ UAMS Arousal-related deficits in AD 07/06-06/07        15,000
        “ NIH-NCMRR R03 Innovative treatments in spatial neglect 04/05-03/06      142,000
        “ NIH-NICHD  R21 Identifying and treating arousal related deficits in neglect and dysphagia 01/09-12/11      350,000
        “ UAMS TRI Effect of rTMS on resting state activity in tinnitus 10/11-09/12        49,986
        “ NIH-NIDCD  R21 Maintenace rTMS for chronic tinnitus relief 04/12-03/14      401,719
S. Mulkey, M.D. Pediatrics Thrasher Fnd (Site PI) Neonatal Erythropoietin And Therapeutic Hypothermia Shortterm Outcome (Y. Wu PI) 10/13-09/16      449,579
N. B. Reese, PT, Ph.D.  Phys Ther (UCA) NIH-NINDS  R15 Novel Treatment for Hyperreflexia following SCI 12/08-11/10      198,517
C. Sheffer, Ph.D. Coll Pub Health (left UAMS) Pfizer Provider education program for treating tobacco use and dependence 01/10-12/12      400,000
         “ NIH-NCI  R03 Treatment Modality and Socioeconomic Status in Treating Tobacco Dependence 03/10-02/12      100,000
         “ NIH-NIMHD R01 RITCh: Reducing socioeconomic disparities in tobacco dependence treatment outcomes 07/12-06/17      966,740
F. J. Urbano, Ph.D.     Vis Sci (UBA) Guggenheim Role of calcium channels in cocaine- and methylphenidate-induced alterations 07/11-06/12        25,000
J. Watts, M.D./Ph.D.     IBS student NIH-NIDDK F30 Novel Mechanisms of Visceral Pain: Functional Properties of Microglia 07/10-06/13      160,000
M. Watts, M.D./Ph.D.    IBS student NIH-NIDDK F30 Alpha2-adrenoceptors modulate TRPV4 and reduce inflammation-induced visceral pain 07/10-06/13       160,000