Angus M. MacNicol, Ph.D.

The MacNicol lab is studying the mechanisms that control nerve cell development and apoptosis. Using the PC12 cell model system, we are studying the role of mRNA translation in nerve growth factor-stimulated differentiation and apoptosis. We are interested in the signal transduction mechanisms that regulate these processes. Regulated mRNA translation in neurons is important for learning and memory and inhibition of mRNA translation may contribute to the progression of neurodegenerative disorders.

CPEB graphic

CPEB, is activated during nerve growth factor stimulated PC12 cell differentiation (a. above) and is necessary for this process. Inhibition of CPEB blocks neuronal differentiation (dnCPEB + NGF). MAP kinase (ERK �) signal transduction (b.) mediates CPEB activation in PC12 cells.


MacNicol, M.C., Muslin, A.J. and MacNicol, A.M. (2000) Mutation of serine 728 disrupts 14-3-3 interaction and uncouples B-Raf kinase activity from biological action. J. Biol. Chem., 275, 3803-3809.